Maria Lettberg

Maria Lettberg (1970) is a rising young pianist of our time. Due to her recording of all pieces for piano solo of Scriabin she also acquired a reputation as Scriabin expert.

Maria Lettberg was born in Riga as the daughter of a professor of Russian literature and a mathematician. Her instrument has been an integral part of her life since she was seven years old. At the age of nine she made her first public appearance playing Beethoven's Second Piano Concerto. Maria is Swedish and has lived in Berlin for several years. She speaks five languages.

Ms Lettberg's talent was recognised and nurtured at an early age; she went straight from the central Latvian elite school for musically gifted children to the Petersburg Conservatory. There, she was able to develop her personality as a pianist considerably and perfect her virtuoso technique until she graduated with distinction in her concert examination.