Julia Vaisberg

Julia Vaisberg become publicly known as pianist oft he Trio Panta Rhei. She recorded with Gudrun Pagel (violin) and Sonja Asselhofen (violoncello) several CDs on Bechstein and is “trio in residence” of Bechstein Cologne.

Born in St. Petersburg, Julia Vaisberg graduated with distinction from the special school for highly gifted musical children and the "Rimski-Korsakov" music school in St. Petersburg. In her youth was already playing concerts in the great hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. She studied at the Rimski-Korsakov conservatory in St. Petersburg and taught as coach in the conservatory in the famous singing classes of the "Marinski theatre soloists". After postgraduate studies at the conservatory in Cologne with Prof. Pavel Gililov she did her concert exams in chamber music. She is prize winner at the international Chopin competition and taught from 1997 to 2003 at the conservatory in Cologne.

She founded with Gudrun Pagel (violin) und Sonja Asselhofen (violoncello) the Trio Panta Rhei. Their concerts brought them – among others – to the music festivals in Lyon, Montepulciano, Schwetzingen and to Rheingau. They performed also at the philharmonic halls in Cologne and Essen. In their hometown of Cologne they are the creators of the “Dialogue of Arts”, a cooperation with the museum society. As “trio in residence” of Bechstein Cologne they play chamber concerts and special children’s concerts , make open rehearsels and chamber music masterclasses. They have also been part of the cultural program of the “Zentralrat der Juden Deutschlands”.