Peter Jancewicz

Peter Jancewicz is a composer, pianist, writer, and teacher. He holds a Doctor of Music degree in piano from the University of Alberta and a Master of Music degree in piano from McGill University. His major teachers have been Helmut Brauss, Charles Reiner and Kenneth Woodman.

A resident of Alberta since 1986, he has taught at Medicine Hat College, Alberta College, the University of Alberta and was a member of the piano faculty at The Conservatory at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

As a result of an injury to his hands, he was forced to interrupt an increasingly busy performing schedule in 1996 and seek treatment.  During his recovery, he turned to composition and writing about music. Since 1998, Peter has piano pieces published by Alfred, one of the largest music publishers in the United States, as well as Alberta Keys, a Calgary company.  He continues to compose, and often performs his own works in concert.

As a writer, his articles have appeared in Clavier Magazine and Clavier Companion, The Canadian Music Teacher, and The Calgary Herald, as well as numerous piano pedagogy newsletters across Canada.  His first CD, “Oh Evergreens” combines Peter’s original piano music with the lyrical words of Alberta poet, Elly van Mourik.  His hands now fully recovered, Peter has returned to the concert stage as a pianist.

Peter is a member of  Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association, Calgary Branch, as well as the Alberta Piano Teachers Association.