Edwin Fischer

Edwin Fischer, born 1886 in Basil. In 1904, he moved to Berlin, where Liszt's student Martin Krause taught him.

He made a name for himself as song accompanist and chamber musician, then also as soloist. In 1931, Edwin Fischer received a reputation as successor to Busoni at the Berlin Music University. He founded his own chamber orchestra, conducting performances of music from the 18th century while playing the piano. He began in Berlin and London, with extensive production plans for records and taped among other things the entire „Well-Tempered Piano" by Johann Sebastian Bach on Bechstein. In a dedication, Edwin Fischer expressed his thanks: „To the house C. Bechstein, whose unsurpassable instruments are my best teachers and truest friends." In 1945, Edwin Fischer established master class in Lucern, which he conducted annual interpretation courses for young pianists until 1958. He died in Zurich in 1960, after a long illness.