Eduard Erdmann

Eduard Erdmann, born 1896 in the Baltic, studied in Berlin with Conrad Ansorge (piano) and Heinz Tiessen (composition).

In his first Berlin piano evening in 1919, Eduard Erdmann played only modern compositions, later he was also highly admired for example as Schubert interpreter. First trips abroad after 1921 led him through Europe. In 1925 Eduard Erdmann became professor at the Cologne Music University. Out of protest against the infringements of the national socialists at the university, Erdmann resigned in 1935. He could continue to play concerts, but performances of his compositions were forbidden. After the war he was called to the Hamburg Music University. He died 1958 in Hamburg. Eduard Erdmann was a passionate Bechstein fan, who played concerts and made recordings on Bechstein and he emphasized: "Now it is possibile to forget the material, mechanical moment of playing music. The Bechstein grand piano is a consummate medium of the spiritual - the ideal piano."