Wilhelm Backhaus

Wilhelm Backhaus, born 1884 in Leipzig, studied with Eugen d'Albert in Frankfurt.

fter his successful 1900 debut in London, he - promoted by such conductors as Muck, Nikisch and Richter - made a career in Europe. In the course of his life he gave more than 4,000 concets. As of 1908 he taped records, most of which were on C. Bechstein. In 1912, Backhaus debuted in the USA. In 1929 Wilhelm Backhaus played in Paris and Vienna for the first time all 32 Beethoven Sonatas, for whose interpretation he became famous. Backhaus died 1969 in Kärnten. In September 1925 the pianist wrote: "With joy Wilhelm Backhaus admits to being an enthusiastic fan of the wonderful Bechstein grand piano.