Serra Tavsanli

Serra Tavsanli was born in 1978 in Istanbul. She studied at the Conservatory of the Mimar Sinan University.

Later she studied with Bernd Goetzke in Hanover, Anatol Ugorski in Detmold, in Justus Zeyen's song class as well as in Leipzig with Gerald Fauth (piano) and Hanns-Martin Schreiber (chamber music). In 2004 Serra Tavsanli recorded Hanno Rinke's piano sonatas with Christian Petersen. With sopranist Cecilia Luedicke, she was recorded in 2004 in the live music Now Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. Serra Tavsanlihas played piano evenings at the Mendelssohn Festival, Schumann Festival and International Piano Summer Leipzig. In 2008 she intiated the performance of Johannes Brahms' complete chamber music compositions and conceptualized together with Hanns-Martin Schreiber and Johannes Forner a series of 10 concerts. In 2009 Serra Tavsanli debuted in Konzerthaus Berlin in the opening concert of the "Classic Young Stars Internationa" Festival.

Fotos: Christian Schnell, Heinrich Hecht and Gregor Willmes