Muye Wu


Wu Muye was born in a music-loving family in December 1985.He was deeply influenced by music at a young age. When he was 8 years old, he won the first
prize in the Hong Kong Piano Open Competition. At the age of 10, he was enrolled in the primary school of Central Conservatory of Music. Later, as the best student with highest score in the school, he received a full scholarship and was directly sent to the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School with recommendation. He learned from the famous piano educator Zhong Hui and Professor Zhou Guangren.

Since 1996, with hard training and a positive atmosphere in China, this young kid has visited five European countries with the delegation of Ministry of Culture.

In February 2001, 15-year-old Wu Muye was admitted to the CNSMDP and majored in piano with the best score among hundreds of candidates around the world. His teacher, famous French pianist, Jacques ROUVIER, was the direct successor of the greatest pianist, Liszt. Wu benefited a lot from the learning and has won a series of international piano competition prizes during this period.

In January 2006, French National Radio music stations and Geneva national radio station have recorded Wu’s piano recital concert respectively and broadcasted it live to the audience in France and Switzerland.

In 2007, Wu Muye entered the master class (perfectionnement) of CNSMDP with the best performance in the history of CNSMDP among over eighty excellent piano artists with artistic skills around the world. He was also the only Chinese young pianist that received this diploma until now.

In 2009, he was awarded his Ph.D. In the same year, French Ministry of Culture awarded him the medal of honor of “perfect piano” performer, which is the
highest honor of this circle in France.

In 2012, he performed Chinese piano epic in palais des congré, the biggest theater of Paris, with Chinese National Symphony Orchestra which directly subordinates to China Ministry of Culture, on National Day which happened to be the Mid-Autumn Festival of China. Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing gave a high evaluation and support to it!

On January 27, 2014, on the historic activity called “China’s night” and organized by French government in Grand Palais which aimed to celebrate the
fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and France, 15,000 audience from China and France have witnessed the hopeful opening performance of Wu and the final performance which represented victory and future.

On March 27, he performed excellently for leaders of China and France at the Royal Opera House of Palais de Versailles. Relevant media commented as follows, “On March 27, on the concert which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and France, the young pianist
Wu Muye is the most dazzling star. His performance was so natural with both sensibility and enthusiasm and captivated all the audience! He is a bright rising
star in China!"

On May 20, he gave a final program in the fourth summit meeting gala of Asia mutual cooperation and confidence-building measure meeting. He played “River and Dreams” which was a combination of “Red Flowers Blooming All over the Mountain” and “Song of the Yangtze River”, which combined Western and traditional culture perfectly such as piano, drum and ballet, and shocked the audience. The live broadcast in CCTV 1 and Dragon TV excited all the audience greatly.

In the closing ceremony of Croisements Festival on July 8, he played Chopin’s Polonaise “Heroique” elegantly in French ambassador's residence in Beijing,
which matched his own creation “fate”. In this way, he was well-known for his enthusiasm and elegance.

On October 1, CCTV 1 broadcast a symphonic concert called “Beautiful China & Glorious dream” in the Great Hall of the People to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of China. He has shown extraordinary talent and witnessed the prosperity and a better future of the motherland with great Chinese music culture. In the same month, Wu Muye became Germany Bechstein piano artist.

On November 12, in the state banquet hosted by President Xi Jinping to welcome US President Barack Obama, he played a famous Chinese song called “Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake” to them. The perfect interpretation of Chinese aesthetic mood has been unanimously praised by the two heads of two countries. He was also appraised for promoting the music art with strong national elements.

Wu Muye focuses on the accumulation of the style of music and the development of his own style. Wu is young, and also old-school. He revives the playing and expression method of classical romantic music of its peak and integrates Chinese traditional culture into his own piano playing and creative purposes. The high degree of integration of his charming personality and music performance captives the audience and makes people forget the existence of complex piano skills but the noble feelings and positive energy of pure music. Besides, handsome appearance, gentlemanly demeanor and things like this all make Wu become the leader of Chinese international young pianist. Wu’s outstanding piano performance skills and expressive force have won praise from the music circle in Europe. He was called “ the Ambassador of romanticism who carries the essence of Chinese culture” by senior European media. 、