Denys Proshayev

Denys Proshayev was born 1978 in Brest (White Russia). He studied at first in Kiev and later with Vladimrir Krainev in Hanover.

Denys Proshayev was first prize winner at the 2002 ARD Music Competition and appeared in the Berlin Philharmonic at the concert for the 150th anniversary of the Bechstein company's founding. Further concerts have led him to the Czechoslovakian Philharmonic, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, German Symphony Orchestra Berlin, MDR Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic and SWR Symphony Orchestra. TV and radio recordings at Bavaria Radio, NDR, Radio de la Suisse Romande. In 2006, Denys Proshayevs' CD-debut with an anthem-like celebrated Rameau recording for Sony BMG was published. In 2009 Denys Proshayev opened the Bechstein Piano Evening series in the Mercatorhalle Duisburg.

Photos: Deniz Saylan and Bechstein.